120 years of passion for mechanical engineering.

The success story of our family business from 1904 to today.

June 2024 - The family business FOOKE proudly celebrates its 120th anniversary. The company's impressive history began in 1904 with its foundation by Heinrich Fooke. What began as a bicycle dealership with its own forge for the manufacture of signs and fences has developed into a leading mechanical engineering company to this day. In 1930, Johannes Fooke took over the company and shifted the focus entirely to mechanical engineering. After the company was rebuilt in the post-war years, Heinrich Fooke took over the management in 1956. Under his leadership, numerous innovative devices and machines were developed, from church chandeliers and fish finger breadwinners to modern milling machines. In 1994, Heinrich's son Johannes Fooke followed in his footsteps at the age of 32 and took over the management of the company. The following years brought a significant change in the order structure and the development of new and international business areas. With the establishment of its own subsidiaries in China, Japan and the USA, FOOKE is now an internationally recognised partner in the aviation and automotive industries as well as in rail transport. Hendrik Fooke joined the family business in 2017 and has been responsible for sales and business development since 2021. He joined the management team in January 2024 and now runs the company together with his father Johannes Fooke.
The history of FOOKE stands for a harmonious combination of tradition and innovation. Since the company was founded 120 years ago, enthusiasm for technology and progress has been firmly anchored in the corporate culture. This passion is passed on from generation to generation. The new Managing Director Hendrik Fooke shares this enthusiasm: ‘My heart beats for technology - when I watch our machines milling, it fills me with pride. We have a great team and loyal employees. With this team, it's fun every day to keep driving our processes and technical solutions forward and to remain a technology leader."

Our employees - the heart of FOOKE
Our employees are the pride of our company. Without their tireless commitment, creativity and expertise, FOOKE would not be what it is today. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals who work with passion and commitment to develop innovative solutions and provide our customers with the best possible products. Their loyalty and team spirit are the cornerstones of our success.

Deeply rooted in Borken
FOOKE is deeply rooted in the Borken region. We have remained loyal to this location since the company was founded and feel closely connected to the community and its people. Our local roots are important to us because they reflect our values of consistency and reliability. We are proud to be an integral part of the community and to contribute to the economic development of the region.

The FOOKE family business is characterised by an inexhaustible wealth of ideas. In addition to portal milling machines, FOOKE's core business, the company has been very successful in the field of FSW (Friction Stir Welding) for several years and recently also in additive manufacturing. This new technology perfectly complements the existing product portfolio and opens up new possibilities for the future.