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Compact Gantry Milling Machine

Our bestseller – proven since 2004 - continuously optimized!

CNC Milling Machine

with an acceleration of up to 5 m/sec².

The ENDURA® 700LINEAR is a state-of-the-art 5-axis milling machine in compact gantry design with linear motor drive technology and 5 CNC-controlled simultaneous axes. The machine tool is particularly suitable for the efficient 5-sided finishing of workpieces made of plastics, composite materials (CFRP, GFRP), model building block materials (Ureol) and aluminum, 



as well as for the HSC machining of cast iron and steel materials. The compact 5-axis milling machine ENDURA® 700LINEAR is characterized by high structural rigidity, features maximum dynamics and achieves highest accuracies. These properties result in optimum motion control and maximum productivity. 


Despite its compact design and small footprint, the 5-axis milling machine provides a large machining area. The machine tool can also be set up without a foundation. With an acceleration of up to 5 m/sec², the FOOKE ENDURA® 700LINEAR is one of the most advanced high-speed milling machines.


Kompakt- Portalfräsmaschine ENDURA® 700LINEAR

Advantages at a glance.

  • Our bestseller! Proven since 2004, continuously optimized
  • Large machining area, small installation surface, can be set up without foundations
  • Direct drive motors in all axes (linear and torque motors)
  • High structural rigidity, highest dynamics and best accuracies
  • Easy transport and short commissioning due to compact machine design
  • Consistently high precision due to temperature stability of the machine structure
  • 5-sided machining of all common automotive components
  • Highly efficient productivity in the machining of aluminum components
  • Modular design allows extension of X travel as XL version
  • Thermal decoupling of short-term temperature fluctuations by Thermo Guard
  • Travels up to 5,500 x 3,500 x 1,500 mm
  • Range of materials: plastics, CFRP/GFRP, modeling block material, aluminum, cast iron, steel


Compact Gantry Milling Machine

Compact portal milling machine with large machining area and small footprint.

Traverse paths

X-axis: 1,500 / 2,200 / 4,000 / 5,500 mm

Y-axis: 2,000 / 2,800 / 3,500 mm

Z-axis: 1,500 mm


Feed rates

X-axis: 5 - 90,000 mm/min

Y-axis: 5 - 90,000 mm/min

Z-axis: 5 - 90,000 mm/min


Acceleration up to 5 m/sec²


Position accuracy

X-axis: 0.015 mm

Y-axis: 0.015 mm

Z-axis: 0.015 mm


Position scatter

X-axis: 0.010 mm

Y-axis: 0.010 mm

Z-axis: 0.010 mm

Inherently rigid compact machine with closed machine bed

Wear-free, highly dynamic linear motors in all linear axes (X, Y and Z)

Direct measuring systems in all axes (X, Y, Z, C and A)

Safety systems and brakes in all linear axes (X, Y and Z)

Drive units consistently protected by bellows


Automatic tool changing systems

Minimum quantity spray dosing system

Coolant systems (wet operation)

Tool measuring systems

Workpiece measuring systems

Chips and dust disposal systems

Plane cover / Sound insulation enclosure


Features, technology and equipment:

  • Highly dynamic GANTRY high-bed tool milling machine in compact design:
    Portal moving in X-direction.
  • Design of the machine:
    Machine bed made of solid cast iron, side walls (X-axis), cross slide and gantry
    (Y axis) as welded steel construction, walking beam (Z axis) made of cast iron.
  • No foundation required:
    Due to the inherently rigid machine bed, a standard industrial floor, approx. 300 mm thick, steel-reinforced, is sufficient for the installation; a special foundation, is not required. The machine is set up and aligned by fixators bolted to the hall floor.
  • Drive technology of linear axes:
    Water-cooled linear motors in the linear axes (X, Y and Z), X axis designed as a GANTRY axis pair.


  • Direct measuring systems:
    The linear and rotary axes are equipped with direct measuring systems.
  • Z-axis weight compensation:
    Highly dynamic pneumatic cylinders support the Z-axis drive.
  • Direct measuring systems:
    The linear and rotary axes are equipped with direct measuring systems.
  • Linear axes guides:
    The linear axes are equipped with hardened and ground, backlash-free pre-tensioned guide elements.
  • Thermal decoupling:
    Coating and cladding of relevant structural components with suitable insulation material and sheet metal. Negative influences of external temperature fluctuations on the positioning accuracy of the machine are significantly reduced through thermal decoupling.


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