Der Firmensitz von Fooke in Borken


FOOKE GmbH is a medium-sized family business based in Borken in the western Münsterland, Germany. It was founded in 1904 and is now managed in the 4th and 5th generation by Mr. Johannes Fooke and Hendrik Fooke.

The FOOKE corporate philosophy

There is no alternative to quality. This philosophy is consistently implemented by Fooke.

Since the company was founded, our goal has been to make our customers processes simpler and more successful. Here, customer benefit is the most important key to our strategy.

Together with our customers, we develop products and technical solutions that make them superior in their markets.

Over the years, we have grown continuously. Together with our national and international partners, we have developed into a company that operates worldwide - in numerous countries around the globe.

Nevertheless, we are clearly committed to our location in Germany. Our home base is in Borken in the Münsterland region, this is where our success is founded, this is where we will continue producing quality with qualified employees under optimum conditions in the future.


Stable and long-term relationships are of great importance to us. A good supplier relationship increases the value added for us and consequently benefits our customers. For us, suppliers are not just procurement sources, but rather system partners who develop along with us to exceed our customers high quality expectations.

We achieve good relationships through respectful, fair cooperation with each other. Together, we pursue the same goal: sustainable success. That's why we involve our customers, employees and business partners in decision-making processes and improvements, and encourage their sense of personal responsibility and constructive criticism.

Working hard every day to get better. Figuring out together how to strengthen our customers competitiveness in the long term. And in the end, enjoying the mutual success. That is FOOKE partnership in practice.


For over 35 years, FOOKE has been manufacturing large and ultra-large 5-axis milling machines. In many cases, these machine tools are used as portal milling machines in various designs. Demanding customers from various industrial sectors rely on the proven and powerful ENDURA® machines and FSW systems from FOOKE. Among others, they are used in the aerospace, rail vehicle and automotive industries. Model and prototype construction as well as tool and mold making are areas of application in the automotive and aerospace industries.

FOOKE machine tools are characterized by their excellent quality of motion control. This is determined by highest dynamics, high accuracy and best surface quality. The particular reliability, availability and process safety also distinguish ENDURA® machines.

Deep in-house production - the journey of the material

Outstanding quality and highest possible efficiency achieved through state-of-the-art production technology, lean processes and deep in-house manufacturing.

FOOKE's core competence includes end-to-end engineering, starting from the customer's specifications. Here, FOOKE can point to extensive experience in the field of machining, the design and construction of structural components for motion machinery, the design and integration of feed drives, and the complete commissioning of complex machine tools. As a classic machine factory, FOOKE has a very high vertical range of manufacture. Thus, the structural components in the area of cutting, burning, welding are completely manufactured in-house and are also completed by the mechanical manufacturing and the in-house coloring. The company's own electrical design, control cabinet construction and electrical wiring of the machines are carried out on-site by the staff. In short, everything from one single source. Everything from one source.

TURNKEY solutions from FOOKE

The value of turnkey solutions for FOOKE

Turnkey and economical CNC machining.

With a TURNKEY solution from FOOKE, we provide you with a showcase of how to produce a component faster, more efficiently and more cost-effectively - even before production begins. We develop the complete manufacturing process for you.

We not only design, manufacture and sell top-quality 5-axis machine tools - with TURNKEY from FOOKE, our engineers deliver the most economical solution for your individual requirements.

According to the respective machining strategy, they create a complete package consisting of the portal milling machine, clamping devices, tools and modules for automation and program the manufacturing process. Everything from a single source. With the optimum combination of technology modules perfectly adapted to meet your needs.

FOOKE TURNKEY is the answer to the question of how to produce a component most economically.

We enable complex tasks to be solved optimally. This ensures decisive competitive advantages for our customers. With solutions from FOOKE, we offer you not only the best 5-axis milling machine to fulfill your manufacturing task, but also all the support you need to keep your production running optimally.

Turnkey solutions from FOOKE.
State-of-the-art milling machine in GANTRY high portal design with 6 CNC controlled axes, especially suitable for the rational machining of cast aluminum slabs.

Ein noch nicht ganz fertiges Auto als Modell


"The positive and solution-oriented attitude of all FOOKE employees involved in the project convinced us. FOOKE products stand for excellent processing quality Made in Germany. The planning reliability and the very high quality assurance give us a clear advantage over our competitors."

Stephan Dunkes, Team Leader Manufacturing / CAM MB Model Construction


From machine builder to intelligent process optimizer


Keeping a company on course, remaining competitive and not losing touch is one of the most important strategic tasks of corporate management. In order to keep up with the rapid developments of today, we are continuously striving to align our company with the future.

To ensure resource efficiency even for complex products and applications, we continuously improve our own processes and use modern information technologies. In this way, our customers benefit holistically.

Hendrik Fooke steht lächelnd in der Produktionshalle

Our goals

"We want to create a new FOOKE culture through responsible management and teamwork that specifically questions and breaks down structures, processes and the way people communicate internally and externally."

Hendrik Fooke, CEO


Logo Fooke Projekt 4.0


  • FOOKE 4.0 is the future project that will provide communicative support for developments in the area of "Industry 4.0" and "Digitalization".

  • FOOKE 4.0 aims to ensure the communicative connection between the project managers and employees at Fooke.

  • FOOKE 4.0 - FIT FOR FUTURE strengthens the further development of the company from the inside out.