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We analyze and evaluate your customer-specific requirement to make the process more efficient: Reduction of machining times and optimization of surfaces.

Technology Center

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FOOKE Technology Center

We at FOOKE see ourselves as your partner for successful production. Our benefit: everything from a single source. FOOKE not only offers you future-oriented mechanical engineering with the solidity and reliability "Made in Germany", we also guide you through the entire workflow from technology consulting to the sales process, to the optimal maintenance and repair service, to training and give you tips for economical production.

Technology Center in Borken

The FOOKE Technology Center in Borken offers optimal conditions. Here our experienced engineers work on complete turnkey solutions for the most economical production method for the components to be manufactured.


Your daily tasks determine the way we think

Benefit from our know-how and experience. We will be pleased to offer you advice and, together with you and your requirements for your range of components, we will carry out a milling test to prove the performance of our ENDURA® machines under real conditions. The holistic process is analysed by our specialists in an interdisciplinary way, taking your know-how into account:

  • Precise analysis and evaluation of your customer-specific requirements in terms of machining time and surface quality for an optimised process on an ENDURA® machine
  • Simulation of your machining and milling processi
  • Development of individual milling strategies and programming
  • Selection of tools and workpiece clamping systems
  • Definition of the specific HSC roughing and finishing parameters
  • Definition of the required additional equipment (tool changer, measuring systems, coolant systems, etc.)

With its core competence "Quality of motion control", FOOKE is a specialist for individual engineering and for a construction adapted to the respective machining task. We simulate your machining and milling process in detail in order to adjust and design your machine system accordingly. For this purpose we have an application centre for test milling and empirical verification. Challenge us.


Choosing the best machine for a particular production process depends on many individual parameters. Therefore, sound technical advice and test milling are among our most important services. The precise analysis of your production task forms the basis for our expert advice on how to optimise your entire milling process:

  • Milling of customer-specific test workpieces or real components
  • Programming and developing individual milling strategies
  • Harmonisation of the CAD/CAM system and milling tools with our ENDURA® milling machine system

What to expect from us

Experience the performance of our ENDURA® machines live at our premisses.
Demonstration of CNC controls
Exchange of technology and experience
See the FOOKE production of our ENDURA® machines.

Your advantages

Benefit from our know-how and experience.
New impulses for your milling process in combination with our ENDURA® milling machines.
We are happy to help you to make your milling process more efficient:  Reduction of your machining times and improvement of your surfaces

Your demandis our motivation!

Visit us in Borken and be convinced. Our experienced team of application engineers will be pleased to answer your questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at

Sheet metal forming tools

A success story in the automotive industry

Our customer is a pioneer in automotive prototype construction that manufactures tools from aluminium, zamak and grey cast iron. Based on many years of experience in the machining of sheet metal forming tools, he is now breaking new ground in partnership with us. Previously, the machining was carried out conventionally on 3-axis machines, but now it is time to take the plunge into the modern "milling world".

The goal was to rethink the machining process together with the customer by establishing new standards with our ENDURA milling machine and corresponding application technology. This required a close collaboration and intensive discussions on topics such as CAM programming, work preparation, tool selection and accuracy. 

The unique combination of our customer's know-how about their specific components and the expertise of our FOOKE operators in highly dynamic machining have transformed this partnership into a true success story!

The result? The full potential of our ENDURA milling machine was fully realised. With state-of-the-art tool technology and customised milling strategies, we were not only able to reduce the machining times of several components by 35-50%, but we were also able to significantly reduce reworking times. 

Step into the world of FOOKE and discover how we can resolve your challenges in the automotive industry and take your productivity to the next level!

Project partner: MOLDINO Tool Engineering Europe GmbH, Tebis AG

Copper conductors

A success story in the blast furnace industry

Discover a fascinating customer application in which we are working with a leading company to machine copper funnel-shaped components. For many years, our customer relied on conventional machining methods, but now it was time to take a step into the future. An older machine with limited dynamics was to be replaced by our state-of-the-art ENDURA.

In our FOOKE demo centre, we showcased new milling strategies to our customer by using a 5-axis portal milling machine. The result? An enthusiastic response and convincing acceptance of the FOOKE concept. Our customer not only decided to purchase the machine, but also to receive comprehensive training on process optimisation.

Our common goal was clear: to minimise machining time and maximise efficiency. Thanks to the close collaboration between our application engineers and the customer, we developed creative milling strategies based on state-of-the-art tools and fixtures. We had intensive discussions about CAM programming, work preparation, accuracy and many other aspects.

The combination of our customer's expertise in machining specific components and the know-how of our FOOKE experts with highly dynamic machines achieved impressive results. Thanks to optimised tool technology and customised milling strategies, machining times were reduced by up to 50%. Subsequently, the customer expanded its machine park with additional FOOKE milling machines. Moreover, joint special projects were implemented, which optimised the production processes even further.

Step into the world of FOOKE and experience how we redefine the limits of possibilities in the blast furnace industry together with you!

Project partner: Fraisa SA, Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co.KG, Tebis AG

Integral components

A success story in the aviation industry

Discover with us an impressive customer application from the world of aviation: the production of an integral component, a section of a wing. Our customer, a renowned contract manufacturer in the aviation industry, has extensive experience in the production of structural components made of aluminium and faces the challenge of adapting to universal requirements. 

The new launch of an aeroplane required the production of larger components, which made it necessary to purchase new machines. Our FOOKE portal milling machine was chosen to fulfil these requirements due to its high component flexibility.

The challenge with this integral component was to achieve consistent quality and significantly reduced machining times. Thin webs of over 1.5 mm, pocket depths of up to 40 mm and a machining rate of over 80% presented high demands. But at FOOKE, we love a challenge!

Milled components in the aerospace industry are subject to strict criteria such as crack testing, ultrasonic measurements and bending tests. Our application engineers have worked intensively on the process and carried out various tests to get the best out of the machine, the modern milling strategies and the high-performance tools.

The result? Impressive time savings of up to 7 hours of processing time and consistently high quality that delights our customers. However, it is not only our technology and the new modern process, but also our network of partners that contribute significantly to our success. We have been working closely with tool, holder and clamping device manufacturers for many years to realise innovative projects like this one. 

Enter the world of Fooke and let us convince you of our expertise and know-how in the aviation industry!

Project partner: Fraisa SA, Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co.KG, Tebis AG

Floor assemblies

Success story in the railway industry

Discover a pioneering customer application from the rail industry: the machining of a floor assembly made of aluminium profiles. Our customer, who has been manufacturing aluminium profiles for the rail industry for 20 years using an older FOOKE machine, is facing the challenge of optimising its production process and maximising the ROI of its systems.

A new machine with modern drives and customised application technology should massively reduce the machining time and thus strengthen our customer's competitiveness. To achieve this, our engineers have analysed and reviewed the process "from the machine to the cut". 

The test milling set a benchmark: The performance of the existing machine was compared to a modern FOOKE milling machine with new milling strategies. 

From modern cutting geometries and innovative tool holders to innovative machining strategies on our ENDURA, everything was part of the FOOKE turn-key package. Our long-standing partnership with tool and holder manufacturers played a vital role and enabled us to develop customised solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

Thanks to this intensive collaboration and using the latest technologies, an impressive time saving of 43% was achieved. This reduction emphasised the urgent need for investment.

Step into the world of FOOKE and experience how we jointly redefine the limits of what is possible in the rail industry!

Project partner: Albrecht Präzision GmbH & Co.KG, Tebis AG

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