The versatile basic model.

Fooke FSW small: For simple welding seems on plane surfaces

The FOOKE FSW Small series is a machine tool for the machining of smaller components in the automotive industry, rail technology, aerospace, heat sinks and many more. It allows you to easily produce simple welding seams on plane surfaces with sheet thicknesses of up to 30 mm at high axial forces and torques for almost any application.

This machine type is easy to operate and is characterized by good handling. This makes it perfect as an entry-level model but also suitable for small series production.

Highlights of the Fooke FSW Small


  •  Milling
  •  Friction stir welding with standing shoulder
  •  Rectractable Pin-Tool
  •  Bobbin tool welding
  •  Friction spot welding


  •  Force control
  •  Distance control
  •  Weld seam tracking
  •  Gap measurement
  •  FOOKE Weld Control
  •  Free NC programming

Your advantages:

  •  FSW tool development
  •  Stable FSW process
  •  High, reproducible weld seam quality

Technical data

X-axis:      1,000 to 90,000* mm

Y-axis:         up to 6,000 mm 

Z-axis:          up to 2,500 mm

X-axis:  40,000 mm/min

Y-axis:  30,000 mm/min

Z-axis:  20,000 mm/min

Welding depth up to 25 mm

Max. axial force up to 50 kN

Welding feeds up to 6,000 mm/min

* Other traverse paths also available on request

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