Plattenfräsmaschine ENDURA® 800LINEAR

Plate Milling Machine ENDURA® 800

Face milling machine for large aluminum precision plates

Plate Milling Machine

State-of-the-art gantry milling machine with two CNC-controlled axes for the rational machining of large-format aluminum plates of up to 6,000 mm.

The ENDURA® 800 plate milling machine in GANTRY portal design with two CNC-controlled axes is particularly suitable for the efficient and precise machining of plate material for various alloys of aluminum. Machine table moving in X-direction. The ENDURA® 800 produces optimum milling results in one single cut. This machine is equipped with a high-performance milling spindle system in a particularly rigid design.


The spindle shaft is supported by high-precision bearings. These ensure excellent stability as well as concentricity and are particularly designed for loads at high speeds. The milling tool consists of a base body of quenched and tempered cast steel into which cassettes are inserted. The cassettes differ in design depending on the type (roughing, finishing or dummy cassette).


Secure clamping of the aluminum plate material by a vacuum clamping plate. A wide range of longitudinal and transverse slots enable highly customized vacuum clamping fields, for the maximum possible plate variations. Clamping and machining two or more plates on the vacuum clamping field is also possible, for plates of the same thickness.

Plattenfräsmaschine ENDURA® 800LINEAR

Advantages at a glance.

  • Face milling machine for large aluminum precision plates
  • Highest accuracies due to extremely rigid machine structure
  • Finish operation in one milling process
  • Ergonomic loading
  • Surface quality < 0.4 µm
  • Milling tool up to  Ø 122.0"


Plate Milling Machine

Surface milling machine for large format aluminum plates.

Traverse paths
X-axis: 118.1" - 787.4"
Y-axis: fixed
Z-axis: approx. 15.7"

Feed rate
X-axis: 0.197 - 2,362.2"/min
Z-axis: 196.9"/min
Acceleration up to 39.4"/sec²

Setting accuracy
in Z (P) 0.0004"
Surface roughness (Ra ) 0.28 µm - 0.4 µm


Specifications with milling tools
Cutting width: ae up to 118.1"
Cutting depth: ap 0.004" - 0.08"
Cutter diameter: D 70.9" - 122.0"
Pitch: fz 0.02"
Tooth pitch: 15° / 30°
Speed: n max. 500 1/min
Cutting speed: Vc max.157.4"/min

Plate milling machine with fixed machine portal in gantry design

Machine table movable in X-direction with vacuum clamping field

Working space closed all around, open at the top.

Specially designed milling tool of tempered cast steel.

Pylons and Y-axis made of high-absorption hydropol concrete with steel core insert for taking up the Z-axis slide.

Locking clamp unit for vibration damping

Leading angle to avoid undercuts.

Workpiece turnover fixture

Foiling system

Sawing device

Collision monitoring

Chip extraction systems

Workpiece handling systems

Clamping technology for rolling plate


Features, technology and equipment:

  • GANTRY portal milling machine:
    Machine table moving in X-direction.
  • Design of the machine:
    Sidewalls in pylon-column construction (steel-welded construction, casting with highly absorbing special concrete). Gantry (Y-axis, steel-welded construction, casting with highly absorbing wet-mix aggregate). Lifting bar (Z-axis) manufactured as steel-welded construction.
  • Drive technologyof linear axes:
    Air-cooled digital motors intervening in rack through gears and pinions for X-axis and ball-screw for Z-axis. The motors are executed as gantry drive.
  • Direct measuring systems:
    The Z axis is equipped with a direct measuring system. The X-axis is queried at the motors through the absolute encoder.
  • Z-axis weight compensation:
    The drives of the Z-axis are supported by two highly dynamic hydraulic cylinders.
  • Safety system of milling tool:
    The milling tool is equipped with a safety system that safely holds the axis in case of emergency stop.
  • Linear axes guides:
    The linear axes are equipped with hardened and ground, pretensioned free-from-play roller guide elements.

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