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A passion for after sales service

Our team, specialised in various sectors such as mechanics, electronics and application, offers you copetent immediate assistance.

Machine out of action?

We use a professional and flexible FOOKE service concept to meet your requirements and constantly provide you with optimum support.

The FOOKE service team with its comprehensive range of services is a reliable partner for the entire duration of your facility. From commissioning to remote maintenance, quick delievery of original replacement parts and modernization of older facilities. Our whole commitment and dedication applies to the optimization, availability and conservation of you facility, no matter where and when.

Our competent service staff will handle your error reports in person and implement all necessary measures to solve it.

Monday to Friday: 8.00 a.m. - 6.00 p.m. EST

Service hotline: 248-218-5880 | E-mail: service[at]​

Zwei Mechaniker bauen eine Endura zusammen.

Our whole commitment and dedication applies to the optimization, availability and conservation of you facility, no matter where and when.


Tianjin GMS Machine Tool Service Co., Ltd.
2-C-201  Ziyuan Road 13
Huayuan Hi-Tech Industry Park
300384 Tianjin

Fon:    +86 (22) 5862 7622
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Dynamic Machine Tools Servicing Ltd
Herr Simon Connor
75 Exploration drive

Fon:     +44 (0)1642 711123
E-Mail: sales[at]​

SWASTIK OVERSEAS                                            

422 Somdutt Chambers-II                                    
9 Bhikaji Cama Place                                                           
New Delhi 110066                                                                

Fon: +91 11 2619 7740                                                       
Fon: +91 11 4607 2890
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2F BLA Yokohama Nishiguchi Building
1-3 Kusunoki-cho, Nishi-ku
Yokohama City, Kanagawa 220-0003

Phone:  +81 (45) 550 5108
E-Mail:  info[at]​

GO98 Ipari, Szolgáltató és Kereskedelmi Bt.
Szent László utca 18
2142 Nagytarcsa

Fon:    +36 12835 049
E-Mail: go98[at]​

14320 Industrial Center Dr.
Shelby Twp, MI 48315

Fon:    +1 (248) 218 5880
Fax:     +1 (248) 218 5881
E-Mail:  service[at]​

Kims International Co., Ltd.
#15078 , Dong-Yang Tower 602-ho,
330 Sangidaehak-ro, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Fon: +82-(0)31-8032-9072
Mobile: +82-(0)10-5410-2834
Fax: +82-(0)31-8032-9185
E-mail: kch[at]​


24 h After sales service

Available 24/7, at weekends, at night and even on public holidays, FOOKE's service department is on call at the customer's request to resolve machine shutdowns or problems. Qualified after sales service staff members will receive your damage reports in person from Monday to Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on 248-218-5880. They will initiate all necessary actions in a goal-oriented manner in order to eliminate machine shutdowns as quickly as possible. In addition, malfunctions can be reported at any time by e-mail to service[at]​

Spare parts after sales service

If machine parts have to be replaced, the race against the clock saves unnecessary costs. That's why FOOKE keeps a large number of important spare and wear parts in stock, which are always available at short time notice - by courier on the same day or on the next day. Close links within the FOOKE supplier network ensure that spare parts can be obtained quickly.

Eine Supportmitarbeiterin mit Headset freut sich auf Ihre Anrufe.

Proper outsourcing - inspection/maintenance contract

Customers who do not have cost-intensive in-house maintenance at their disposal rely on FOOKE's maintenance service. FOOKE specialists are in charge of the machines' and systems' maintenance according to individual customer requirements, thus ensuring high machine availability at all times.

Regular machine and system inspections guarantee long machine running times and best protection against high repair costs. FOOKE employees advise on the best inspection intervals and carry out inspections properly and professionally on site.


After sales service contract - "FOOKE Service 36Plus"

Precaution pays off: By systematically checking your ENDURA machine, defects can be detected and remedied at an early stage. Unnecessary costs due to consequential damage, costly repairs or possible shutdowns can thus be avoided right from the start. So you too can rely on maximum operational safety.
With the "FOOKE Service 36Plus" service contract you choose the following advantages for your FOOKE machine:

  • Consistent preventive maintenance, inspection and geometry checking
  • Telesupport of our technicians
  • Reduced response times for on-site operations
  • Discounted spare parts prices
  • Ensuring high availability
  • Supporting the preservation of value
  • Reduction of possible failures and associated costs


Cleaning of machines

Regular machine cleaning is always followed by regular machine inspection. Manufacturers of high quality and always flawless products know the importance of valuable and high-quality equipment. The well-kept external condition of a machine keeps its production quality equally high as its value. Positive customer ratings can also be achieved with plants in top condition, especially when high-priced products are put forward as arguments. How demanding the corresponding cleaning performance should be is discussed together in a personal consultation.



Milling spindle service

FOOKE milling machines are based on more than 25 years of know-how and technical experience, expertise that many customers from the aerospace, rail and automotive industries or prototype and tool making no longer want to do without. Competence from a single source - this is also the motto of the milling spindle service. Our competent specialists repair, maintain, test and know the "heart" of every milling machine. Regular checks and inspections performed as preventive spindle maintenance are indispensable for long machine running times with as little downtimes as possible.

During the milling spindle service, everything is thoroughly examined in numerous maintenance steps: the cooling circuit, concentricity, bearings, draw-in force, clamping and release forces, power consumption, encoder function and tool interfaces. To ensure the quality of high-frequency milling spindles, FOOKE has access to a state-of-the-art milling spindle test bench.


Ein Mitarbeiter kümmert sich um den Frässpindel-Service bei Fooke.

Milling spindle stock

In the FOOKE milling spindle stock, we store replacement milling spindles for each individual customer according to manufacturer specifications and maintain them at regular intervals. In case of emergency, immediate availability and delivery of the spindle is guaranteed. It can be installed by FOOKE employees according to specific customer requirements or sent by express or courier.

Milling spindle trade

The expertise of our competent service staff is also available to manufacturers of third-party machines. As an all-in-one solution from a single source, milling spindles can also be replaced or other motors can be stored. From the many years of marketing milling spindles, new valuable knowledge can be evaluated again and again in response to feedback and the service performance can be continuously optimised.

Customer benefits from a single source

Short reaction times, high machine availability and reduced stock keeping costs are combined with professional support to give you a decisive competitive advantage. The use of an ultra-modern test centre also increases production reliability.


Measuring and alignment

The output of a FOOKE machine is necessarily as good as its alignment. For this reason it is essential to know down to the last detail how precisely a machine is adjusted. Unnecessary excessive wear on machines, equipment and workpieces out of tolerance are both frustrating and more importantly costly side effects of a machine that is not optimally aligned. FOOKE's geometry service is specialised in measuring machines with the highest precision and aligning them optimally.

Best technical equipment

Using highly accurate measuring instruments, trained FOOKE technicians go to the very bottom of the problem on site if manufactured products do not leave the plant with one hundred percent results. Straightness, angularity and positional accuracy are determined and the machine is realigned with high precision based on these results. Customers who rely on this service can rule out nuances in the line geometry as a cause for rejects and thus expensive additional production costs.

Recorded accuracy

Of course, all measurement results are carefully recorded. Deviations can thus be viewed in detail and analysed to coordinate appropriate countermeasures.

Ein Mitarbeiter von Fooke kontrolliert mit zugekniffenen Auge eine Maschine.


Reliable - Machine certification

When companies are sold, production is relocated or insurance claims are made, a professional, neutral view of fixed assets is required. In reliable expert reports, which reflect FOOKE's many years of presence in the market, the value of machinery is defined and thus becomes a plannable parameter. Companies appreciate first-hand valuations in line with market conditions.

As good as new – General overhaul

The general overhaul and modernisation of a complex production machine is a technologically demanding task that requires specialized knowledge. In its FS Machines, FOOKE has an experienced team of employees who have both technical know-how and many years of experience. Only they are able to generate a machine from a general overhaul, that is even more powerful than before.


Zwei Mechaniker bauen eine Endura zusammen.

Future-oriented – Retrofitting

Especially those who rely on regular maintenance can often postpone comprehensive general overhauls of machines for years. In many cases, it is only individual machine components, such as tool changers, milling heads, measuring systems or a machine control system, that need to be modernised. In a detailed consultation, FS Machines is also happy to provide information on how existing systems can be converted and retrofitted with new functions.


Demand-oriented - the machine trade

Where new production facilities have to be set up or interim solutions have to be found, in some cases starting production with a used machine is the optimal and also more economic alternative. FS Machines markets used machines and plants for the metal, wood and plastics industries, among others. FOOKE customers can choose from solid machines of older construction years to very young used machines from FOOKE or other manufacturers for every application.

For a well-prepared purchase decision without regrets, all used machines are presented transparently with comprehensive technical information, meaningful up-to-date photos and often also with videos. Whenever possible, we make sure that the machine can be inspected while it is still in production. Prices in line with the market, extremely short delivery times and professional service for disassembly, transport and reassembly make a look at FOOKE machine dealers an attractive alternative.


All details at a glance - machine configuration

When it comes to implementing machines, relying on professional support from FOOKE Service is a decision that quickly pays off. After all, preparing a highly complex production machine is a demanding task where errors can lead to a delayed production start or undesired production output. FOOKE's service teams have the necessary expertise. When dealing with valuable machines, being able to know what needs to be done at all times to ensure that the system runs equally well after the re-setting is a guarantee of what they do.




Innovative FOOKE service without travel costs or waiting times.

Save time and money with our service innovation:
In the future your FOOKE service will be with you immediately at any time via Visual Online Support - without any travel costs. Everything you need: Our innovative data glasses. When an employee of your company wears the smart data glasses, our service specialists can take a direct look at the situation on your premises. The hologram and Internet of Things (IoT) technology enables convenient real-time exchange. This way, our service specialists can show you various solutions directly at the machine, allowing you to benefit from the shortest possible repair times. In addition, you can also use the data glasses to easily take part in virtual FOOKE training courses and tutorials - via the integrated glasses display.

Download Flyer FOOKE Visual Online Support


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Being able to access the machine control and machine software at any time via special programs is the great advantage that FOOKE customers appreciate in remote service. By using the latest technologies, machine status can be determined in the shortest possible time in a detailed diagnosis and machine malfunctions can be detected. Technology and software are indispensable helpers in this process. However, only analysis and the use of experienced specialists will make the remote service a reliable service that FOOKE customers have counted on for many years.

Remote Support

For Windows based systems we recommend our support via the Teamviewer client. With this we are able to remotely maintain your PC or your control system - even across firewalls. A software installation is not necessary. All you need to do is to download and start a small programme for which no admin rights are required.

Download the client via the link "FOOKE- Remote Support".

FOOKE - Remote Support

The remote maintenance tool can be downloaded directly from the website


Secured produktion

Whether for planned maintenance or sudden error messages - machine downtimes are cost-intensive. For an uninterrupted workflow, it is important to be able to solve any problem in the fastest possible reaction time. With remote and telephone service, experienced technicians and specialists are on hand to guarantee just that: structured support for immediate troubleshooting. The advice provided is always aimed at solving problems quickly. This way, the costs arising from production downtimes always remain manageable.

Follow Up

Thinking one step ahead of immediate troubleshooting is also one of the strengths of the FOOKE service team. If measures, such as repairs, become necessary, they can be discussed together in a comprehensive telephone consultation and, if necessary, directly initiated. All services are invoiced on an hourly basis or by maintenance contract


Experienced engineers and technicians are available to every customer as personal customer advisors for all aspects of their FOOKE machine:

Phone: 248-218-5880



Specified to individual needs

There is no better combination for productivity: right from the start, clients who rely on customized machine solutions from FOOKE - the FOOKE ENDURA® and special machines - have the opportunity to pass on their specific know-how to their employees. Thus, by optimising and expanding their machine knowledge, employees become trained specialists.

Know-how transfer

The structure and content of the training and education sessions can be practically adapted to the various requirements and processes in your company. The complete range of services is covered at the headquarters in Borken. A frequently requested focus is on PLC and NC programming. In addition, valuable knowledge is taught in service and maintenance training courses in order to make optimum use of machine running times. The classical operator training and production support qualifies personnel immediately when purchasing a new machine.

Optimal production output

Whether as regular training units or intensive workshops - at FS Training the training contents are compiled and prepared according to customer requirements and carried out by qualified training personnel.

In the continuous training process, FS Training helps to ensure that opportunities for cost reduction in machine operation and maintenance can be identified in due time and fully exploited. After all, only highly qualified machine personnel are able to increase the machine output while at the same time achieving optimum product quality. Well-maintained machines with longer running times and increased production output combined with profit maximisation are the long-term return on investment for any qualification initiative.


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