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We help you to reduce energy consumption sustainably

Energy savings potential of up to 24 %

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We help you to reduce energy consumption sustainably

These days, the awareness of energy consumption is continuously increasing both in the private sector and the manufacturing industry. Energy has long been taken for granted, yet rising costs and global climate targets are forcing industries to take a critical look at their resources. Energy efficiency serves as correlation to carbon footprint and is an important indicator for a company’s contribution to sustainability and climate protection. Sustainably manufactured products are becoming increasingly important, and the energy consumption of machine tools constitutes an essential criterion for a purchasing decision.

In the past years, FOOKE has laid the foundation for energy-efficient machine tools by designing and building highly rigid machines with dynamic drive elements. The linear motor for instance allows the elimination of some transmission elements, such as gears and bearings, compared to conventional drives such as rack and pinion or ball screw, resulting in an increase in drive stiffness. As a result, high kV factors can be set in the control system, which represents a measure of high, dynamic positioning accuracy. The contactless and thus virtually wear-free linear motor is backlash-free and easy to service and maintain.

All in all, the linear motor makes it possible to achieve the shortest possible component machining times while maintaining the lowest possible positioning tolerances. The short machining times mean that all individual consumers (even those with the highest individual power ratings, such as spindle or cooling units) are in operation for a shorter period of time, thus reducing overall energy consumption to a minimum.

In addition, the stiff and optimized structural parts ensure high thermal machine stability, so that deformations due to internal and external temperature changes are minimized. The system's high inertia eliminates the need for temperature control of structural parts, which accounts for a significant portion of a machine tool's energy consumption. The excellent positioning and repeat accuracy is still guaranteed.

Another elementary factor to reduce machining times is an optimal milling process. We analyze and evaluate the customer specific requirement to make the process more efficient: Reduction of machining times and optimization of surfaces.

Energy savings potential of up to 24 %

In the past, empirical studies were carried out on machine tools with linear motors and conventional drive types. Here it was shown that FOOKE milling machines equipped with linear motors demonstrated up to 24% lower energy consumption for the same machining task. The main reason for this was the shorter machining time. However, FOOKE also relies on energy-efficient individual consumers. The efficiencies of the drive motors used, for example, amount to 94 %.

Innovative technologies "Made in Germany"

FOOKE places great emphasis on energy efficiency in the development of its machine tools and in its strategic orientation. The key factor here is the relationship between loss and process performance.

In close cooperation with universities, scientific institutes and selected technology partners, FOOKE is pursuing numerous research projects aimed at more efficient, innovative products and manufacturing processes. In a recent project, for example, a CFRP Z-axis was developed, built and tested that has only 50% of the conventional cast Z-axis with the same static stiffness. The machine tool with integrated CFRP Z-axis has now been in use for over 4 years and impresses with its very good dynamic behavior and thermal stability, which is up to 70% higher than milling machines made of steel and cast iron. The substitution of the Z-slide has resulted in a reduction of energy consumption by ~ 20 %.

Insider tip

The federal government supports companies that want to become more energy efficient in the future. When new, proven energy-efficient machine tools are purchased, the government subsidizes the investment by up to 50%. You can find more information under this link.

We would be happy to support you in saving energy. Please contact us!

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