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Trimming CFRP components: Precise trim milling & drilling through a constant path speed - Webinar Part 2

Practical example: CFRP wing shell

Fast, safe and effective trimming of CFRP components contains a number of challenges. The goal is a post-processing-free cut edge without burr formation. The larger the components and the series become, the more important the process time is, of course. At the same time, delamination due to localized temperature increases must be prevented.

Constant cutting conditions are required, which can only be achieved by uniform tool movements. Our holistic machine concept, suitable for CFRP machining, makes it possible: high dynamics, precision, compensation, reliability, fire ex protection and dust extraction.

In this webinar, you will learn how the trimming of CFRP components succeeds through the right combination of CAD/CAM strategies, machine and tool, based on a practical example, a CFRP wing shell with approx. 2000 x 2500 mm.


Click here for the online webinar part 2.

More info on milling also on Youtube.


An event by:
HUFSCHMIED Machining Systems GmbH
Tebis Technical Information Systems AG