Doppelspindelanlage FOOKE FSW 50

Riftec, the technology leader for friction stir welding, expands its machine park with a FOOKE FSW 50

Aside from the promise of "Made in Germany" as a guarantee for quality and sustainability, FOOKE and Riftec are now also connected by excellent welds.

With the FOOKE FSW 50 double spindle system, three-dimensional welding will soon get started, with welding depths from 0.5 mm to 60 mm and plate sizes up to 8,000 mm x 3,500 mm.

This system is not only universally usable - it redefines friction stir welding!

This is ensured by a modern, bottom-moving machine gantry with 2-axis FSW-head for universal machining of low-melting metals. In addition, a supplementary overhead welding module with attached clamping frame is used for double-sided welding processing in one welding direction.
Equipped with powerful FSW spindles and over 50 kN axial force each on the welding gantry and overhead module, it is the ideal FSW system for versatile processing of components from the aerospace, rail transport engineering, automotive industries and many more.


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