Gruppenbild OPEN HOUSE Event


On 02.02.2023 we were pleased to welcome 64 guests in our halls in Borken. In four different milling demonstrations in the materials aluminum, plastic and block construction material we presented how powerful our new series ENDURA® 400LINEAR is. We were able to show our guests two differently designed portal milling machines.

Dennis Hüning beugt über einem Aluminium Bauteil in der ENDURA® 411LINEAR
Der Superheld Hulk als Designbauteil auf der ENDURA® 410LINEAR gefertigt

New presentation: Compact portal milling machine ENDURA® 410LINEAR

  • Live milling demonstrations in plastic (PE 500 and PE 1000): Machining of a 3D tooling mold as well as a ruled geometry part.
  • Live milling demonstrations in model block building material: Machining of a 3D design component

New presentation: Compact portal milling machine ENDURA® 411LINEAR

  • Live milling demonstration in aluminum: 3D molded part

An interesting technical presentation on the design of the ENDURA® 400LINEAR rounded off the event.

We thank all participants and our guests for coming!

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