Intelligent Lightweight Structures for Hybrid Machine Tools

Intelligente Leichtbaustrukturen für hybride Werkzeugmaschinen

FOOKE has traditionally attached great importance to research and development. Innovations that distinguish us from our competitors are at the core of our work. We develop complex high-tech products that are considered as technology drivers in the machine tool industry worldwide. Thanks to our decades of experience in research and development of machine tools, we offer our customers competitive advantages. The aim of our development activities is to further increase the added value of our products for our customers.

This also applies to our R&D project HYBRIDi. Together with our partners, we tested, analyzed and validated the integration of fiber-reinforced composites within a machine tool. More specifically, the former cast iron vertical Z-slide, was replaced by a hybrid mixed construction. The basic structure of the newly developed Z-slide was formed by the CFRP body and reinforced by the targeted use of steel and aluminum elements.

The main aim is to increase productivity and further improve the surface quality of the workpiece.

More information on our HYBRIDi project in this film.