Drei verschiedene Fräsaufsätze stehen nebeneinander.


Through collaboration with our partners TEBIS, Hufschmied machining systems and Rampf, we impressively demonstrate in project „Rivage – Milling and programming in high-speed” how chipping can be implemented with modelmaking- block material.

A standard tool set with ball cutters Ø20 mm, Ø10 mm and Ø3 mm from Hufschmied was brought to use.

Combined with the performance of the ENDURA® machine system and the adaptive roughing strategy from TEBIS, the process forces in roughing were equivalent to plane roughing in aluminum with a Ø52 mm tool.

Highest machine dynamics with corresponding quality of the point cloud from CAM stand for excellent results in "rapid" finishing.

The programming in TEBIS was created parametrically in a template, so that executable NC programs for other models can be brought to the machine at the push of a button with an effort of approx. 2 hours.

Total processing time: 2:49 hr:min